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Adventures In Zoomorphic Idolatry

Melbourne artist Setken presents his first exhibition of paintings in 5 years at Brunswick East's newest art space, Dollhouse Gallery.

With new works not exhibited previously, his previous exhibition NeoPharaonic was made into a documentary that won awards in film festivals internationally.

Unique in-exhibition features Adventures In Zoomorphic Idolatry is an exhibition curated by the artist himself with the specific intention of encouraging visitors to the exhibition space to experience the paintings in person.

For those that are curious to know a little more about each of the pieces on show, a QR code for each of the 14 works opens a secret webpage with tantalizing content and insights.

For disabled and regional Victoria visitors, an exclusive virtual tour of the exhibition is available on request to the gallery. Events The exhibition runs for 2 weeks July 8 - 21.

The gallery is open concordant with shop opening hours. Opening night is Saturday July 8th, 6pm - 9pm Setken Speaks Saturday July 15th, 2pm - 2.30pm Two 15 minute talks: 2pm

The reading of the hieroglyphs in the exhibition paintings 2.15pm

A monumental Egyptian tomb in Melbourne Closing Night Documentary Screenings Friday July 21st, 6pm - 8pm

The Praying Mantis God Of Ancient Egypt (2020, 10 min, recipient of 4 international film festival awards and previously unscreened in Australia) and the related outtakes film the AMG / Ritual Sequences (2020, 7 min, previously available to patrons only)


Setken, Artist / curator/ event organiser
Phone: 0423924829
Mobile: 0423924829

Further information Insta: @setken @dollhousegallerybrunswick @thisisnotatoystore
Event document
Event document