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Submitted events are reviewed before being published on our website to make sure they meet our event guidelines.

Event guidelines

  • Our events calendar promotes events being run by Merri-bek City Council or happening in the City of Merri-bek.
  • The focus of the events calendar is on business activities, training, and recreational opportunities.
  • Events in our calendar are largely free or have a small cost or donation (as a guide no more than $100 in total, although less for short events).
  • We do not include open days or other events which are primarily aimed at signing people up to an organisation, program or business.
  • We do not include classes, training or similar events which run over multiple weeks as these are programs. All events are suitable to attend as a one off, even if they are part of a specific initiative. For sports activites, see the Active Merri-bek website.
  • We only include events at licenced venues which seek to showcase that businesses innovation or contribution to the economic growth of the municipality.
  • We only include events which align with Merri-bek Council's values and policies.

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