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The Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan is a long-term plan to guide decisions in the Coburg Activity Centre following consideration of the social, cultural, environmental and economic consequences.

Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan documents

The Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan has 2 volumes.

Implementation of the Coburg 2020 Structure Plan

Council have adopted a place management approach to managing change and have appointed a place manager for each Council structure plan.

Place management is the mechanism for managing the wide range of issues, challenges and opportunities that face an activity area every day. It is a management approach that enables issues to be pursued in an integrated, coordinated way to achieve the economic, social and environmental potential of an activity area.

This approach recognises the complexity of managing change in Coburg and the need to focus on both the big picture and improving and influencing day-to-day service delivery.

Further information about the Coburg structure plan

For more information on the Coburg 2020 Structure Plan and the place management approach to managing change in Coburg, contact Council.

About Amendment C123 and the Coburg Activity Centre Zone

Amendment C123 implements the land use and built form directions from the Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan (2006) and Colours of Coburg Place Framework and Strategies (2010), the community framework of The Coburg Initiative, and Pentridge precinct masterplans. The amendment consolidates the planning controls that apply to the Coburg Principal Activity Centre.

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Significant features of the amendment include:

  • Changes to the Local Planning Policy Framework to update references to the Coburg Activity Centre
  • Introduction of a new Activity Centre Zone (ACZ) and schedule that will prescribe appropriate uses and built form controls
  • Preferred maximum building, street wall height controls and setback requirements
  • A mixture of uses, with an emphasis on retailing, offices, and higher-density living
  • Provision of new roads, pedestrian links and key public spaces, and
  • Overshadowing standards (minimum sunlight provision) to key public spaces.

The land affected by the amendment applies to most land within the Coburg Activity Centre, the boundary of which is defined in the Central Coburg 2020 Structure Plan (2006) and The Coburg Initiative, including the former Pentridge Prison precinct.

In addition the amendment introduced a new Parking Overlay to all land in a Mixed Use Zone, Residential Growth Zone, Commercial Zones and Activity Centre Zone. Column B parking rates now apply to all developments in activity centres (including neighbourhood centres).

The amendment also transfers Responsible Authority status for all land within the former Pentridge Prison back to Council.

The amendment also rectifies various anomalies in the Merri-bek Planning Scheme relating to:

  • Clause 22.01 Neighbourhood Character - update to reflect changes made as a result of Amendment C153 - New Residential Zones.
  • Clause 22.06 Heritage - an incorrect reference to the Municipal Strategic Statement has been removed.

Watch the Our Neighbourhood video to learn more about proposed changes to Merri-bek Planning Scheme.

Status update (15 October 2015)

On 25 September 2015 the Minister for Planning approved Amendment C123 (PDF 453Kb). Notice of the approved amendment was advertised in the Government Gazette on the 15 October 2015 which is when the changes were formally introduced into the Merri-bek Planning Scheme.

Further information

Independent Panel Report

Expert Witness Reports for Planning Panels Victoria Hearing (July 2014)

Supporting documents

The Coburg Initiative: Baseline Research

Pentridge Masterplans

Key dates

December 2014
Amendment with changes adopted

October 2015
Approved by Minister

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